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流れ星 Ep. 3


It's really getting good~

lololol Mizuki seeing Ryouta and his sister.... And thinks Ryouta made a woman cry XD

Ryouta's lost expression when Maria calls him stupid >w< And then he introduces himself to Kengo XDD I'm always amused whenever Akito's voice goes up an octave or so. Which is.... almost every other sentence. >w<

Ryouta studying... English. English, of all things. XD His English writing is so cute XD Wow, he holds his pencil in such a proper way @_@ Working on English comparisons XD (The English is so easy lol.)

Ryouta teaching Maria a spell to ward off death >w< So cute~~~ <3 These two are so cute~ Why are they so cute~? There''s so much spazz-inducing cuteness lol. Ryouta~~~ XD

Maria wishing for Ryouta to get better is so sad >.< Mariaaaa, I hope your wish comes true T_T

Aaahh~~ The music for this drama's so good~

Ep. 4 next week~

流れ星 Ep. 2

Sawamura Ryouta-kun <3

This is why kids shouldn't leave the hospital unattended T_T
But the three of them are so cute~~~ >w<
Aaaaaahhhhhh~~~~~ so cute~~~

The main story's really good~ Really draws you in~ Makes me go 'Waaaahhh~~~~~'

But Akito! Ryouta-kun! <3<3<3 He's like an overload of cute gaaahhhhhh lol. Ryouta's clothes outside the hospital.... lol, so Akito XD Who wears a lime green T-shirt with a purple jacket? >w< His shoes are cooollll~~~~ Ryouta with an oxygen mask @_@

I see Akito's earring holes. XD Not as obvious as the doctor's, but I see them XDD

Episode 3 next week~

Ryouta-kun, get better!

あっぷ&UP! 100209

This week is Hama-chan.

To be honest, I though this week was Akito... |||

Hama-chan's wearing a black checkered white  sweater today~ He looks so normal XD

The first segment, which lasted 30 mins, was two of the hosts going around somewhere in Japan and trying different restaurants and places that serve food, and winery. Hama-chan drinking alcohol on TV O_O He's old enough, but waaaaaaaahhhhh it's still shocking.

Second segment involves Hama-chan~
They eat..... beef? I think it's beef. It looks like beef. It looks like raw beef. Hama-chan's expression when he ate it XDD Ahahahahah, Hama-chan's "XD" expression is so much lol. Hama-chan looked very happy when he ate it XD

DRAMADA-J DVD BOX ADVERTISING. B.A.D. I literally went "AAAAAHHHH" when I saw the clips of their dramas lol. Yayy Hama-chan advertising DRAMADA-J DVD box and holding a dvd box >w<

The third segment is a... sales corner? Involves three women. No Hama-chan. They're talking about mascara. And then something about a product that removes lint?....

And then ending でした~


I have a theory that the only reason I passed my chemistry courses is that the professors all happened to have already met their quota for failed students, so they need to bump some people up. And I happened to be one of the failed students with the slightly higher grade, therefore resulting in me getting bumped up to passing. Hahahahaha.


Happy 22nd Birthday

Happy 22nd birthday, Junta-kun!


I'm no good at writing birthday posts, but I hope you're having a great birthday.
You'll be graduating in a year or so, so I wish you good luck in all your endeavors and everything will go smoothly. I hope work is going smoothly too.

I hope all your birthday wishes come true~

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

It's the 31st in both Osaka and my timezone~ XD

Happy 20th Birthday, Akito~


I hope you have a great birthday, and I hope B.A.D. will debut XD

Shounen Club in Osaka 20090802

Shounen Club in Osaka~

Because this tiny short scene killed my brain instantaneously even before I really registered what was happening lol.

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(who freaking cares about Yuma...)

Because I'm Bored

Excerpt from fic:

Things took a turn for the worse when the owner of the castle said, “You shall have roommates,” and the little prince and a boy joined the kitten.


Things took a turn for the worse when the owner of the castle said unto him, “You shall have roommates,” and the little prince and a boy joined the kitten.

lol, since when did Johnny become God? And it felt really fitting too, so fitting that I didn't notice it until I typed it out XD Too bad it doesn't fit with the story and I had to change it~


Artist's Point


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