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This is blasphemy


First I have a dream where Ryouta dies in the sixth episode, and now I read in Japanese blogs that Akito already finished filming all his scenes?! (And since the official Nagareboshi blog announced the start of filming Ep. 7....... Then really Ep. 6?!?!)  Whyy T_T Guhh so depressing T_T It's like the time I had a dream where Akito committed suicide (it was horrible) >.> Now I feel so depressed aahhhhhhh

Formal lab report due Wednesday. 頑張ります。

あきとおおおおおおおお T_T
りょうたあああああああ TT_TT

アジャラモクレンテケレッツノパ  T_T

PS. B.B.V............ Should I be happy about this...? I think I'm supposed to be happy about this...? Maybe... just maybe... Maybe? It seems like a really big maybe...