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Kansai Debut


Anyway. Haha. I'm calling it now. Johnny's WEST 4/Johnny's WEST is actually going to be finalized as Naniwa Bushi.

Based on their Countdown song and Shokura stuff, Shige's the face and Akito's the voice/leader. Junta'll be the one that keeps them in line? Haha. Kotaki's the young fan lure??? I dunno I'm sorry Kotaki I often forget you exist haha. I hope B.A.D. still do duets within this group~~~

Also, Ee Janai Ka at first sounds horrendous.... But the more I listen to it the better it gets lol. Unless it's actually because Akito can actually sing. Or maybe cuz the song doesn't really fit Countdown stage... It seems like more of a Kanju song instead of WEST4/West/whatever's song orz. And Shige.... Don't be lazy. Do your choreography the way it should be done.

I wish Hama-chan and Bunichi-kun lots of luck :( Please don't quit aaahhhhhhh


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Ep. 5

...So. Episode 5.

Ryouta was really cute. Akito's really good at acting (or maybe I'm just hopelessly biased).
....I got really emo. Even though Ryouta was smiling so happily, I was emo to the extreme.

It was a great episode.

It really was. I'm just too emo about it to sound happy about it.


I don't want to see Episode 6.

This is blasphemy


First I have a dream where Ryouta dies in the sixth episode, and now I read in Japanese blogs that Akito already finished filming all his scenes?! (And since the official Nagareboshi blog announced the start of filming Ep. 7....... Then really Ep. 6?!?!)  Whyy T_T Guhh so depressing T_T It's like the time I had a dream where Akito committed suicide (it was horrible) >.> Now I feel so depressed aahhhhhhh

Formal lab report due Wednesday. 頑張ります。

あきとおおおおおおおお T_T
りょうたあああああああ TT_TT

アジャラモクレンテケレッツノパ  T_T

PS. B.B.V............ Should I be happy about this...? I think I'm supposed to be happy about this...? Maybe... just maybe... Maybe? It seems like a really big maybe...

Ajaramokuren Tekerettsunopa

Episode 4 today~

The plot is thickening~~~ The doctor's catching onto them~ Risa's creepy stalker brother.

Maria walks into Ryouta's room and sees Mizuki visiting Ryouta ww
Ryouta gives his scarf to Maria!!! Kyaaa so cute XD Ryouta's expression when he was going back to his room! www

Maria finds out the truth >.< Nagareboshi's turning angsty~ X_X

Next week: Episode 5.
MARIA. RYOUTA. WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!?!?! What are you two doingggg?????!?!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I look forward to it)
Ryouta seems to have gotten worse again in the preview? X_X

Ryouta, get better!
Ajaramokuren Tekerettsunopa!